4 week quick start support

A 4 week quick start program designed to get you motivated and fitter, faster, stronger.


You can choose to train with either Bob, or Deb, choose the contact button below for the trainer you wish to work with.

Price : $799


• 12 x Sessions (45 Minutes) (3 per week)

• Full snapshot at the beginning of training program

• Free support via text message 24/7 OR email

• Full snapshot at the end of training program

• Complimentary Fitter Faster Stronger Towel


Testimonial from Mark Hughes

I was very over weight and extremely unhealthy. My doctor gave me 10 years to live if I didn’t make a life style change. I hated the way I looked and was trapped in a cycle of eating and drinking (alcohol) and didn’t care. Then I decided to go cold turkey on the junk food and booze and put all my effort into training. The reward after one week was great as I started feeling positive about myself. Several weeks on I was amazed at my progress and the changes in my body. I now feel over the moon and proud of my achievements. I have my life back and I’m fit and healthy. I have a new positive outlook to life which has carried over in to my personal and business life. The biggest highlight is looking in the mirror and being happy at the person looking back.


Testimonial from Raewyn Cooksey 

I started training during May 2011 with the motivation to lose weight but most importantly I wanted to feel fitter and stronger and have more energy. Six months on I’m feeling great about myself. I have lost 3.5 inches off my hips. I have started wearing short sleeved tops again and definitely feel fitter and stronger. All my work colleagues are impressed at how much quicker and more confident I am in the restaurant. Instead of waiting for someone to pick up the 20kg flour bag I can now do it myself. This has been a great life style change that I would recommend to all that want to improve their lives.



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