ContactBobBUTTONContactDebBUTTONThis is probably our best package for people that are really looking at making a lifestyle change to improve their health and well being for good.

You can choose to train with either Bob, or Deb, choose the contact button for the trainer you wish to work with.

Price : $1,199



• 18 x High intensity weights sessions (45 Minutes) (3 per week)

• 12 x High intensity cardio sessions (25 Minutes) (2 per week)

• Full snapshot at the beginning of training program

• Full snapshot at the beginning of 6 Week Challenge

• Professional before/after photos

• Free support via text message 24/7 OR email

• Full snapshot at the end of training program

• Complimentary Fitter Faster Stronger T Shirt, Towel, Bag & Lunch out!


Some of the Major Benefits of doing the FFS 6 Week Challenge include:

• Reduction in body fat %
• Give you more energy
• Give you greater self confidence
• Reduce stress levels
• Help prevent cancer
• Help reduce the risk of diabetes
• Help reduce the risk of osteoporosis
• Help reduce the risk of heart disease

We have all heard different things about how long it takes to create/break a habit.  With the 6 week challenge you have 42 days/30 personal training sessions to help create your new lifestyle.  At the end of the 6 weeks you wouldn’t feel right not coming to the gym.

This is probably our best package for people that are really looking at making a lifestyle change to improve their health and well being for good.  Have a read through the following testimonials to get a good idea of what you can achieve!


Testimonial from Joseph Power-Silk 

I decided that I wanted to become fit and healthy as I was in a depressed state about how I looked and how unfit I was. With this in mind I committed to do the FFS 6 week challenge. At first I was constantly sore but I knew that I had taken a step in the right direction. At the 3 week mark I was extremely happy with my results as I was up 3kg of muscle and down 3kg of body fat. At the end of the challenge I felt like I could take on the whole world. I was down 9.5kg of body fat and up 7.5kg of muscle and feeling great. I had a lot more energy and a self confidence especially around women. This challenge was the jump start I needed to change my life. The highlight for me was gaining so much muscle.



I felt lazy and unmotivated and realized I had let myself go. I wanted a structured programme that would motivate me to make healthy life style changes and allow me to see results quickly. After the first week of the challenge I stepped on the scales and I knew that with time and effort and the support of trainers I would make it. At the midway point I felt happy with my progress but wanted to keep improving over the next half of the challenge.

At the end of the six weeks I felt happier in all aspects of my life. The hard work, early mornings and junk food withdrawals had paid off. I was fitter, had more muscle and less fat. The challenge really did change my life. Although I still had a way to go, I now had the attitude, motivation and skills to be a fitter, healthier and happier person. I would recommend that people sign up for the challenge as it’s a sure way to improve your life. The programme is easy to follow and the trainers are great motivators along the way. My biggest highlight of the journey was the results I saw at the end.



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