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• 24 hour access     • 10 week challenges & Group Training
• Free & machine weights     • Personal training
• Cardio equipment     • Supplements
• Onsite beauty therapist     • FFS Meals to go
• Air conditioned     • Self contained bathrooms
• Only $12 per week!     • No contracts or hidden costs

LINE   signup21-3 1. Grab your credit card or bank account details. 2. Click on your selected membership option below to get started •  FFS 24/7 gets you full access to the gym 24 hours, 7 days a week. •  FFS Offpeak lets you use the gym during offpeak hours Monday to Friday, and all day during the weekends! Select from weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly payment options. 3. Come into the gym during staffed hours (view hours), get your fingerprint access and pay the half price joining fee and you are ready to train! LINE

FFS 24/7 – New Membership Levels Available!

Corporate senior
24/7 Access to FFS gym
8 wks FREE membership
to Mon, Wed, Thurs
Boxing Classes
24/7 Access to FFS gym
incl. Mon – Thurs
10am morning


FFS 24/7 – Full access to the gym 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

247_week 247_fortnightlt 247_monthly
 $12 weekly (direct debit) $24 fortnightly (direct debit) $52 monthly (direct debit)      


247_month 247_2month 247_3month 247_yearly 247_2yearly 247_3yearly
 $68 1 month (joining fee included) (one off payment) $116 2 month (joining fee included) (one off payment) $164 3 month (joining fee included) (one off payment)  $500 yearly (save $124) (one off payment) $800 2 yearly (save $448) $1000 3 yearly (save $872!)


FFS OFFPEAK – Access to gym 9am to 4pm & 9pm to 4am Monday to Friday, Saturday & Sunday, anytime!

247_week 247_fortnightlt 247_monthly 247_yearly
 $8 weekly $16 fortnightly $34 monthly  $300 yearly (save $116)